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SeaChange Adrenalin

Adrenalin, SeaChange’s next-generation web-centric video platform for multi-screen support, uses an open, service-oriented architecture (SOA) to deliver a consistent television experience that avails tens of millions of video assets to thousands of device types across multiple networks.  Network and service operators will use Adrenalin to evolve their on-demand services to provide rich and seamless user experiences across mobile, PC and TV screens with extensive cross promotional capabilities and fully integrated linear and non-linear advertising.

Adrenalin software releases will transform the Axiom On Demand back office with an SOA for multi-screen video delivery, multiple DRM support, and monetization through linear and on-demand ad solutions.  Adrenalin includes Business Applications such as an offer manager to execute multi-screen promotions; Content Management (publishing, asset management, session and resource management for on-demand and broadcast to all screens); web-based Management & Monitoring; and Advanced Client Publishers (supporting third-party search, recommendation and T-commerce applications).

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SeaChange has integrated deployment-proven technologies from its eventIS and Mobix Interactive acquisitions with Axiom On Demand to make the new Adrenalin product modular and multi-screen-ready.  Adrenalin’s core advantages stem from: 
  • Support for Internet and mobile streaming formats including Adaptive HTTP, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and Apple QuickTime as well as standard MPEG-2 and MPEG-4/H.264 video
  • Horizontal n+1 scaling and stateless servers to ensure load balancing and independent scaling at the network center or at its edge
  • Service-oriented architecture and web services to enable speed to market with the widest range of applications
  • Browser-based operator interfaces for common look and feel
  • Open interfaces based on REST to loosely couple components for better availability, scalability and independent component upgrades
  • Virtual machines to enable hardware independence and a common platform for the implementation of SeaChange software