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SeaChange Nucleus

SeaChange Nucleus™ Soft Box Video Gateway is an intelligent software solution developed for advanced in-home devices to unify a seamless user experience throughout the home. Our solution enables the decoupling of software and hardware from advanced set-top boxes and the ability to port the software intelligence to any advanced set-top, regardless of manufacturer. The flexible software works with a number of device types, including multi-tuner hybrid gateways supporting QAM and IP-delivered video, lightweight IP clients, as well as a number of third-party devices commonly used around the home to help reduce the amount of hardware needed. Nucleus enhances the home viewing experience and provides new opportunities for interconnectivity and content sharing throughout the home network.

  • Provides enhanced subscriber enablement through whole-home DVR/media sharing and support for third-party devices throughout the home
  • Built on top of an industry-leading software platform providing full control over set-top box functionality and enables next-generation UIs
  • Open, standards-based software created using CableLabs standards
  •

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