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Video to PC

As broadband access becomes ubiquitous, the web is a critical medium to bring video content to the consumer – independent of the physical delivery network, time or location. The enormous growth of notebooks and tablets in recent years makes the PC device category an attractive target for any distributor of video content.

SeaChange, the global leader of multi-screen video solutions, enables operators and media owners to reach broadband Internet devices with a range of web-seasoned systems and solutions.
  • Supporting all streaming formats – including those supported by Apple, Microsoft and Google
  • Supporting all relevant Internet DRM solutions (often already pre-installed in many PCs)
  • Enabling content distribution via operator-owned streaming servers or third-party CDN
  • Allowing the PC client to access the content catalog either directly or via a feature-rich renderer
  • Maintaining catalog, offer and publishing consistency with other delivery media deployed by the operator (e.g. mobile or cable)
  • Including specific features for both video delivery over customer-controlled broadband network, as well as over-the-top (OTT) video delivery over third-party broadband networks