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Video to TV

For decades, the TV has been the predominant screen where consumers watched the video content of their choice: broadcast channels, DVD movies and more recently, interactive, VOD and time-shifted content.

As the Internet penetrated the life of the consumer, it gradually changed the consumer’s behavior and expectations for video content and services.  Changes brought on by the Internet will require the video delivery system to evolve.
  • The consumer expects integrated navigation of content coming together from multiple sources: seamless integration of VOD and the linear broadcast experience improves consumer acceptance and reduces churn.
  • The Service Delivery Platform needs to be based on an open architecture with a flexible plug-in mechanism to support a variety of formats and interfaces.
  • Consumers expect their content to move with them, wherever they go. The content provider will have to follow the consumer to all devices and all locations with a consistent and easy experience
  • Internet tools help the consumer to navigate through the huge amounts of available content and quickly steer them to their content of choice, which requires personalization of navigation and content presentation.
  • The Internet effectively uses knowledge of personal preferences to tailor product offerings and advertising to the consumer. Similarly, the operator needs to be able to create personalized offers and targeted campaigns.

As the global leader of multi-screen video solutions across cable, mobile and web, SeaChange understands the current and developing trends in the market and provides the platforms and services that will allow the operator to gain a competitive advantage.