SeaChange people are dynamic, imaginative and empowered.  Are you?

Working at SeaChange

We're transforming television.

Our customers are the marquee brands who make entertainment services that are enjoyed by tens of millions of people every day. The whole world over, our team helps turn the television industry's latest visions into widespread reality.

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Inventions that define markets

Does it scale like SeaChange? Is it integrated with SeaChange? Are you SeaChange certified? With our 20-year focus on TV, we’ve set the standard.
Personal opportunity unbound

We’re a mid-sized organization with outsized impact on the television industry. Restless individuals motivated by challenges bring out our chief strengths.
Pride in leadership

We get there first: From analog TV to digital. From linear to on-demand. From one screen to multiscreen. Our technologies turn challenges into opportunities. That’s our rep.

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