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SeaChange to Debut EBIF Software Solution at CableLabs® Summer Conference
Multi-Screen Video Leader Helps Cable Operators to Further Capitalize on Standards and VOD Investment
August 11, 2010

ACTON, Mass. (Aug. 11, 2010) – At the CableLabs® Summer Conference 2010 in Keystone, Colo. next week multi-screen video leader SeaChange International (NASDAQ: SEAC) will demonstrate market-ready software solutions that enable operators to seamlessly capitalize on emergent interactive television standards and existing video-on-demand infrastructures.  The SeaChange EngageTV Validator™, which guarantees quality of service for Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format (EBIF)-based subscriber applications, will make its debut.  SeaChange will also feature its Watch & Buy™ T-commerce extension for on-demand services. 

“Solutions like the EngageTV Validator and Watch & Buy are benefitting from the standards that CableLabs is working to establish, helping operators to add new services and capabilities without impacting their operational performance,” said Anthony Landamia, General Manager of Advanced Applications, SeaChange.  “These solutions are first in a suite of sustainable revenue-generating products from SeaChange that provide the advantages of interactive advertising and T-commerce.”

SeaChange’s new EngageTV Validator is designed to enable the widespread development and deployment of EBIF applications, which can take effect when interactive elements available to viewers are linked to an appropriate VOD resource (video asset).  The EngageTV Validator enables this by intercepting EBIF™ applications that contain external resources and verifying their availability, thereby guaranteeing the delivery of a consistent interactive experience.  Learn more about EBIF at

SeaChange’s first-of-a-kind Watch & Buy T-commerce service enables cable operators to immediately use the on-demand tier to sell-through DVDs and related merchandise to subscribers while also establishing support for system-wide T-commerce applications.  Watch & Buy includes a lightweight set-top application, user interface customization, and fully managed back-end order fulfillment.  A DVD symbol appearing next to a movie title in an operator’s VOD library alerts subscribers that the movie is also available for purchase as a DVD.  When selecting such titles subscribers can order the movie as a VOD session and also choose to receive a DVD copy via postal mail.  Subscribers may be presented with opportunities to order DVDs in different formats such as Blu-ray, or could even receive an offer to purchase an entire television series on DVD after viewing a single VOD episode.

About CableLabs Summer Conference 2010
Twice a year, during the summer and the winter, CableLabs hosts members-only conferences which provide attendees with current information about changing technology and supporting business and strategy objectives, as well as providing a forum for them to interact with each other.  Attendees receive information from cable experts, including the CTOs and CEOs of the industry's leading operators.  Sign up for Summer Conference (Aug.15-18) at

About SeaChange
SeaChange International is a leading provider of software applications, services and integrated solutions for video-on demand (VOD), digital advertising, and content acquisition, monetization and management.  Its powerful open VOD and advertising software and scalable hardware enable cable and telco operators, as well as broadcasters, to provide new on-demand services and to gain greater efficiencies in advertising and content delivery.  With its Emmy Award-winning and patented technology, thousands of SeaChange deployments are helping broadband, broadcast and satellite television companies to streamline operations, expand services and increase revenues.  Headquartered in Acton, Massachusetts, SeaChange has product development, support and sales offices around the world. Visit

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