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SeaChange Advertising System Evolution Program Maps Revenue Growth Path for Spot Customers
Unveils Roadmap to Fully Integrated Linear and Interactive Multi-Screen Insertion; Ensures Canoe, EBIF and SCTE-130 Advantages
May 11, 2010

ACTON, Mass. – The world’s spot television advertising systems leader SeaChange International, Inc. (NASDAQ: SEAC) today unveiled an ad system evolution program designed for television operators to capitalize on the wave of consolidation in ad operations.  Dubbed SeaChange Spot Assurance™, the program immediately delivers software and hardware enhancements for SeaChange Spot System deployments and positions customers for multi-screen advertising from an open, standards-based and massively scalable architecture.  SeaChange is highlighting the first Spot Assurance program milestones at The Cable Show this week.

“Ad operations consolidation is triggering unprecedented needs for enterprise scalability and centralization if the business is to manage significantly increasing numbers of spots, new formats such as 3D, interactivity and diverse campaigns to any video device, and it all starts with the SeaChange Spot management platform that operators have in place today,” said Malcolm Stanley, Director of Advertising Product Management, SeaChange.  “Our customers will capitalize on that foundation yet again, check off the consolidation box and incrementally extend their linear and interactive ad business to mobile and PC.  Today we’re pleased to announce that we’ve ensured our customers’ successful advertising evolution with a nearly 50 percent expansion of our ad solutions engineering workforce.”

Several North American MSOs, telcos and satellite providers, to be disclosed later, have already signed on for the Spot Assurance program.

The SeaChange AssetFlow Platform for Advanced Advertising offers a unique operational opportunity to introduce scalable centralized asset ingest, encode, transcode, and processing services, ensuring delivery of margins as well as revenue.  Through the implementation of advanced centralized workflow solutions, operators may respond to industry-driven increases in asset processing requirements by scaling down costs and scaling up their business responsiveness.  Based on Linux software, AssetFlow seamlessly interfaces with SeaChange platforms and third-party management tools. 

Providing enterprise reliability in high-volume content transaction and distribution environments is at the core of the SeaChange Spot Assurance program, embodied by features including:

• Spot System integration with the SeaChange Content Delivery Network (CDN) system replacing Spot Master Video Libraries to enable high-volume centralized propagation and delivery of millions of assets;

• SeaChange Advertising Decision Management (ADM) platform, providing centralized scalable management of ad functions for converged video operations;

• SCTE-130 ADM/ADS support for the ADM, ensuring standards-based support for the integration of innovative campaign and advertising placement decision-making systems.

SeaChange advertising systems allow operators to leverage emergent and mainstream standards including EBIF and SCTE-130, as well as emergent Canoe developments.  It is also continuing to provide openness from the core by increasingly leveraging Linux in its ad solutions and applications engineering.

Consolidation is forcing horizontal extension of existing equipment and content onto new network delivery systems including wireless and wireline Internet connections, consumer electronic devices and wireless handsets and portable devices.   Further, while equipment footprints must shrink, operations need greater thresholds in modular channel expansion as small market systems are absorbed into Regional Network operations, and as larger Regional Operations Centers are folded into facilities with continent-wide accountabilities.  Later this year SeaChange will again raise the bar on inserter performance:

• Supplying up to 5,000 streams of insertion from a single rack unit chassis in SeaChange’s  breakthrough flash media-based Universal Media Streamers;

• Supplying 10,000 streams or more in a single site by enabling existing video-on-demand servers to insert video streams.

SeaChange is complementing this massive scalability with enhancements to redundancy provided by its Spot+ software, reinforcing highly scaled operations with an industry leading automated stream failover offering.  The SeaChange Scalable N+1 Insertion Architecture, part of the new SeaChange ADM product, will radically reduce costs of provisioning for uptime and availability, while reducing the operational complexity of service assurance. 

Visit SeaChange at The Cable Show in Los Angeles through May 13. 

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SeaChange International is a leading provider of software applications, services and integrated solutions for video-on-demand (VOD), digital advertising, and content acquisition monetization and management.  Its powerful and open VOD and advertising software and scalable hardware enable cable and telco operators, as well as broadcasters, to provide new on-demand services and to gain greater efficiencies in advertising and content delivery.  With its Emmy Award-winning and patented technology, thousands of SeaChange deployments are helping broadband, broadcast and satellite television companies to streamline operations, expand services and increase revenues.  Headquartered in Acton, Massachusetts, SeaChange has product development, support and sales offices around the world. Visit