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Video. Personal. Everywhere.

Chances are if you’ve ordered a movie on-demand, caught a High-Definition broadcast or watched a local commercial within a network television break, you’ve seen SeaChange at work. We transformed the business of television with our initial parlay into the industry – ad insertion systems. Then our technology powered the VOD movement. And now, with current trends to view web content on your TV and video on multiple devices, SeaChange products are again changing the way we all watch television. TV is becoming more personal and the technology to make it happen comes from SeaChange.

At SeaChange, you’ll have the creative freedom to explore and reach your potential. We offer competitive salaries and generous benefits, including a generous vacation policy, 401(k) savings and retirement plan and continuing education opportunities.

SeaChange Culture

SeaChange is a passionate, dynamic and high-performance environment and our people are the driving force behind our success. With offices in The Americas, Europe and Asia, we have a diverse international workforce and our people represent a broad range of skills and experiences. At SeaChange, everyone plays a critical role in achieving our vision of changing the way people watch television.

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