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SeaChange Video Platform

Can subscribers watch the six o’clock news at 6:15? Record dozens of channels simultaneously into their personal vaults? Catch up on the latest soap operas on their mobile phones? Finish watching the movie they rented last night on their PCs?

Video Anytime, Anywhere
Operators can retain subscribers and grow revenue by offering all this and more with SeaChange Platform solutions.
  • Create advanced offers and campaigns to optimize VOD revenue
  • Offer personalized channels, recommendations and offers to subscribers to reduce churn
  • Provide flexible standards-based catalog publishing to serve any device on or outside the network
With the comprehensive SeaChange back office solutions, operators can strategically expand their digital television and VOD services. Modular, open systems enable operators to create, ingest, manage, interconnect, and deliver a universe of rich interactive content to grow their business.

SeaChange back office solutions bring the future to the network with:

  • SeaChange Adrenalin – the fourth generation web-centric video back office for multi-screen support using an open, service-oriented architecture (SOA) to deliver a consistent television experience that avails tens of millions of video assets to thousands of devices across multiple networks.  Network and service operators will use Adrenalin to evolve their on-demand services to provide rich and seamless user experiences across mobile, PC and TV screens with extensive cross promotional capabilities and fully integrated linear and non-linear advertising.
  • SeaChange Axiom® – the most widely deployed content delivery platform, powering the largest VOD operations globally.
  • SeaChange AssetFlow – the fully-integrated content preparation and validation suite, allowing operators to manage the complete video and metadata workflow before ingest in the VOD playout system.
  • SeaChange Stagis / Casis – the market-leading solution for creation and playout of linear broadcast metadata; fully compliant with the DVB and ISDB standards.