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Technical Support

At SeaChange International, we have the industry's largest and best service and support organization. We take pride in the superior strength and quality that our support team provides to hundreds of customers across the globe. 
  • International team of expert service engineers and technicians
  • 24x7 availability (telephone or email)
  • Remote diagnostics to identify and resolve hardware and software issues electronically
  • Software fixes and service packs 
  • Automatic escalation of urgent issues
  • Access to SeaChange’s Service Desk Express web portal
  • Professional operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia
  • Staffing scales to fit the need
  • Platinum Support offering
We strongly value our customer base and strive everyday to make their experience with SeaChange an ongoing success.

Technical Support
Phone: +1 978-897-7300

Phone: +1 978-897-7300
Email: SeaChange Support

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