CMS: Solving Multiscreen TV's Content Copy Challenges

CMS: Solving Multiscreen TV
Several of the world’s largest cable, telco and satellite service providers are doing away with content complexities that go hand-in-hand with multi-platform and multi-channel TV.
In today’s television enterprise, a show, movie or ad and its associated metadata (poster, description, pricing, etc.) have to be reproduced with numerous variants to serve the unique requirements of multiple network types, consumer devices and geographies.  At the point of content ingest, SeaChange® AssetFlow™ is used to receive, manage and publish content for on-demand viewing on TVs, tablets, PCs and other consumer devices.  With a focus on monetization of on-demand and linear TV, SeaChange AdFlow™ ingests ads, processes ad schedule files, transcodes ad variants for insertion, and verifies playout.
Service providers can use AssetFlow and AdFlow in concert with their SeaChange platforms, including Adrenalin for multiscreen video and SeaChange Infusion for advertising, to create the most comprehensive video service delivery platform available.  So far over a dozen multi-channel video service providers operating in four countries have taken AssetFlow and AdFlow on board to optimize the intake and preparation of movies, TV shows and advertising for on-demand and linear delivery.
Producing TV shows, movies and ads that are ready to stream to any device a service provider supports.
  • SeaChange AssetFlow for receiving, managing and publishing content for on-demand viewing
  • SeaChange AdFlow for ingesting ads, processing ad schedule files, transcoding ad variants and playout verification
  • Assurance that any content imported into multi-platform services is ready to go when subscribers demand it
  • Available ad inventory for multi-channel, multi-device advertising operations
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