WOW!: Advertising On-Demand

WOW!: Advertising On-Demand
Kansas-based service provider excites local ad clients and reaps further ROI from its on-demand platform.
Sunflower Broadband, now part of WOW!, one of the nation’s leading providers of high-speed Internet, cable TV and phone, launched one of the first full-scale on-demand advertising deployments in the U.S. with SeaChange technology to empower its local advertisers to tap into the rise of non-linear television viewing.
One feature the Lawrence, Kansas-based service provider has introduced well before many of the nation’s larger service providers is “dynamic” on-demand advertising. It’s a technique that allows commercials to be stitched on-the-fly into the programs selected by VOD viewers at home. Advertisers and media planners are excited about the potential for dynamic VOD ad insertion because it changes fundamental qualities of TV advertising in ways that could benefit advertisers.  It’s a per-impression model where people get accountability and have the ability to target like they do with Google.  Except it’s right in front of the TV, and you know people watched it.
Expand local TV advertising business revenues
SeaChange Infusion AdPulse on-demand advertising software integrated with WOW!’s SeaChange-based on-demand television service
  • New ad revenue stream established from ads with valuation that’s greater than scheduled placements
  • Highly strategic, value-added offering that’s popular with local ad clients
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