White Papers

Thought leadership from multi-screen deployment experience. Discover the opportunities and the value of being an innovator in the new TV everywhere world.

Media Gateways: Unlocking the Potential of the Connected Home
This paper discusses the emergence of OTT providers, the adoption of Media Gateway STB technologies, and the creation of the industry Reference Design Kit (RDK).
Monetizing Multi-Screen Deployments via Advanced Advertising
This white paper explores the shifting advertisement landscape and provides examples of how customers have benefited from multi-screen advertising solutions.
Monetizing Multi-Screen Deployments via Merchandising
This paper illustrates the ability of promotions to increase revenue and the merchandising tools needed to create dynamic promotions.
The Impact Of Video in the Cloud, Part 4: The Effect on Consumer Devices
“The Cloud” has had a profound effect on video distribution and sharing beyond traditional TV. This paper discusses the impact of the cloud on consumer devices.
The Changing Environment of Video Advertising
This white paper focuses on new trends in video advertising and review the latest SeaChange advertising solutions.
Multi-Screen Video: A Requirement in Today’s Digital World Part 1: Today’s Digital Content Value Chain and Its Opportunities
This paper discusses today’s digital content value chain and the opportunities that exist for service providers.
Multi-Screen Video: A Requirement in Today’s Digital World Part 2: The Challenges Operators Face and How to Address Them
This paper explores the challenges that service providers should be aware of when implementing their multi-screen deployment – and ways to overcome them.