Stagis Standard Edition (SE) Course

Course Layout
The course is a PowerPoint presentation and demo to learn and understand the workflow, configuration and Graphical User Interface (GUI) that are used within SeaChange® Stagis™ Standard Edition (SE). The hands-on part of this training will use a virtual VMware environment where participants will learn the workflow and configuration step by step.

Learning Objectives
After participation of the training, the participant will understand:
  • Understand the concept of the Stagis SE system
  • Understand the concept of event schedules supplied in XML files
  • Operate and monitor the Stagis SE system
  • Configure the Stagis SE system
    • Modify the Stagis SE configuration settings
    • Backup and restore the Stagis SE configuration
    • Perform first line troubleshooting
Target Audience
  • DVB system operators
  • DVB system maintenance engineers
  • System Integration engineers
  • Project managers
  • Sales representatives
  • Understand the English language
  • Detailed knowledge about DVB, PSI-SI tables and descriptors
  • Familiar with the SeaChange Casis™ system
Required Equipment
  • The training is based on practical exercises; for this purpose, each participant will use a Virtual Machine.
    • For training at SeaChange's Eindhoven office, attendees use their own laptop.
    • For on-site training, customers must provide one PC per person (with administrator rights for software installation).
    • For on-site training, the training items are customer-specific according to the installed configuration, i.e. hardware, aggregators and publishers which are applicable for the installed system.
Min. 2 ;  Max. 5
1 day
On site or at the SeaChange office
Flight Forum 3200
5657 EW Eindhoven, The Netherlands
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EMEA & APAC customers
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