RDK Optimization

The Reference Design Kit (RDK) is a specification for set-top operating systems and software. The RDK is a key building block in the rollout of media gateways and other advanced customer premise equipment (CPE). Service providers implementing the RDK for the first time typically require custom integration and configuration to tailor new CPE to their complex environments. 
As an RDK licensee, SeaChange supports service providers and set-top makers with development and system integration expertise to implement customized set-top box environments. The SeaChange Nucleus™  video gateway software provides an optimized RDK stack and application framework in a device-agnostic approach to video gateways and advanced set-top platform deployment.


  • Provides richer subscriber experience in the home with whole home DVR, multiscreen media sharing, access to online apps, guides and more
  • Enables branding "outside the box” by promoting a service provider's brand, service offering and quality of serviceon any screen
  • Offers the freedom to choose any hardware vendor
  • Delivers the best of the Internet for flexibility, service innovations and software updates of deployed CPE without the truck rolls